Course result is out – profile

Your performance on particular aspects
Scale: 85-100%, 70-84%, 55-69%, 40-54%, 30-39%, 15-29%, 0-14%
Creative Writing 1 55-69%
Scale: Excellent, Good, Clear Pass, Bare Pass, Bare Fail, Fail
Language Clear Pass
Voice Bare Pass
Structure Bare Pass
Ideas Bare Pass
Presentation Good
Scale: 85-100%, 70-84%, 55-69%, 40-54%, 30-39%, 15-29%, 0-14%
Creative Writing 2 55-69%
Scale: Excellent, Good, Clear Pass, Bare Pass, Bare Fail, Fail
Language Clear Pass
Voice Clear Pass
Structure Clear Pass
Ideas Bare Pass
Presentation Good
Scale: 85-100%, 70-84%, 55-69%, 40-54%, 30-39%, 15-29%, 0-14%
Commentary 55-69%
Scale: Excellent, Good, Clear Pass, Bare Pass, Bare Fail, Fail
Analysis Clear Pass
Presentation Good

Penultimate post (probably)

I submitted my ECA with plenty of time. For all the TMAs I have been writing competently. My commentaries aren’t as good as my “creative writing” but still managed to pass all. I can’t critique very well – I remember having to refer to York Notes 20 years ago for English Literature. What is “this” trying to say, why has “that” been written in a particular format? I read books, I like Terry Pratchett, science fiction and horror genres. I don’t like literary fiction. I bought one of Margaret Atwood’s books from a charity shop and couldn’t get passed the second page.

I don’t really know what I expected to get from this course. I knew I wasn’t going to be a fiction writer for a profession. I write poetry but I do not write for an audience – only me is going to read them; they are my private thoughts and feelings that I don’t want just anyone to see. Life writing, especially if based on close friends and family, can be very therapeutic. I wrote in my ECA about my father. I was going to send in a piece about my friend who committed suicide – I felt that this was so flat and could get me rather emotional.

Maybe another problem was that I can be just so lazy. I write things down, come back to them and just only change a little bit here or there. I don’t do “drafting”. I aim to write the story down properly – perfect first time. I still have a couple of stories going round my head that I can’t seem to write down – unsure which viewpoint I should tell it in. I don’t want to write anything down that is no-where near perfection. This strive for perfection has held me back before – I was afraid of making mistakes so didn’t try things, quite sad really – I could have learnt a lot.

I had meant to post more to this blog, but I wasn’t quite sure what to write. Perhaps post some of the activities or other creative writings?

TG – we had a nice group of people in the TG, though only a few took part. I was at fault in that I didn’t partake in the online tutorials which were during particular weeks and only a week in length – weeks that I was behind.  Less than half the group posted more than just a “hello” message. It’s a shame that we are spread across a wide geographical area or we could have met up. I did meet 2 others outside of dayschools. I have posted a message in my TG to see if anyone wants to meet up to celebrate end of course! Had one person interested. The Open University is a distance learning establishment – distance that some students want from other students as well.

Now that remains for me to do is await the results. I expect it would be a competent pass!  I have already bagged up the BRB and course materials. Next post to be near Christmas when results are out. Thankyou for reading.

Chapter 23 diary


Just reached chapter 23. The first activity for this chapter is to keep a diary for the next two chapters or two weeks, whichever is the longer. I have had an hour upto now on doing acitivities skipped from the previous chapters. I have found the readings boring and therefore not been able to write much in my notebook as part of the course. I have hit a brick wall trying the other writing activities. This course is not for me. There are plans for a level 3 course which I will not enrol on (especially in the first year of presentation). I had contemplated withdrawing from the course before the start date after receiving the course materials. This course is a very lonely one – I write and post occasionally on the tutor-group but get virtually no feedback on how I am doing. I find it difficult to see where I have (if I have) gone wrong.


Skimmed over Anne Frank’s diary. I remember reading the diary in its original language – German. I am not fond of translations as they are not hte author’s own words but interpreted. For example, the idiom raining cats and dogs is the equivalent of raining old women and sticks in another language. This would not work in an episode of Will o’ the Wisp as it was literally raining cats and dogs. The biggest work of translation is the Bible. I wonder from which language it was translated into English (probably not the original language but am no expert as I have not been to religious studies classes).


23.3 – I didn’t like this script. I do however recall and have recorded a radio play [for personal use only] about Percy Bysshe Shelley when he lived near Tremadog which is not too far from where I live.


Still a bit stuck in the middle with 23.4. I first thought about the current poet laureate – Andrew Motion but have already had a conversation with him when I went to a reading in April. I thought that would cloud my judgement a bit. Next, I tried a brief interview with Michael Jordan. My son likes watching the Looney Tunes film, Space Jam which co-stars Michael Jordan. Me: So, you played basketball with Bugs Bunny!


Done 23.5. I enjoy reading the diary format as you can read a small section at a time if you are busy or likely to be interrupted. I have started reading Bethan Gwanas’ Gbara diary in Welsh. Gbara is in Nigeria and Bethan Gwanas was doing some voluntary work there.

Am looking at the next activity – write about a holiday…. I have not been on holiday in years. i think I will skip this otherwise I would cobble together some waffly junk.


Read the extract for 23.7. I wasn’t impressed with it. ‘I am nine…’ then continues in words and phrases that a 9 year old probably wouldn’t use. It didn’t sound believable to me.

I am postponing 23.8 as I haven’t finished the dialogue with a celeb.

Poem from a dayschool, activity 24.8?

This poem was written at the dayschool. Viv was my best friend. She died on Christmas Day. 

‘Hiya Viv, it’s me,’ I would say.
‘Hello Me,’ you would reply
Telling me about your terrible day
And how your life’s so grey.

I’d respond with, ‘It’ll be alright
Life can’t be as bad as all that
And tomorrow the sun will shine so bright
Showing you the guiding light.’

I found a friend in you at Summer School
Who would partner me in the lab
And talk in breaktime in shade so cool.
It wasn’t you that was the fool –

That was me getting carried away
With all the joys that life brings.
should have rung you on Christmas Day
Then maybe you wouldn’t have gone away.

Life writing

I don’t seem to have got anywhere with this. I don’t like writing about myself – I don’t want to reveal things about me. I remember when I was a teenager, I told one of my classmates a secret and asked her not to tell anyone – soon it was spread all round the school. I have confided in other people since, but they have betrayed my trust and told people.

I am not confident about criticising and evaluating others, especially other people’s writing such as those found in the coursebook. Maybe this is why I am reluctant to do the activities. It was in one of the crime drama series that a character said to solve the crime, you had to understand the victim [the victim was deaf]. Does this translate into creative writing: To write creatively, you have to understand other people’s writings.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first part, The creative progress, of the course – the freewriting. I was writing nearly everyday. For the Writing fiction, I did most of the activities, and quite liked it. For Writing poetry, the exercises I did only totalled about a dozen poems and most of those were from chapter 12.

Now for life writing, the dayschool certainly helped as I have ideas going round in my head. I have yet to write anything down since the tutorial. The online tutorial lasted only a week. I didn’t contribute and only 25 messages were posted, 10 of those were from our tutor. 4 out of the 25 students in the tutor-group did post.

I am toying with the idea of writing a mainly fictional biographical diary. I might write this in the form of a blog.

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